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    My Ringtone is the scientist by coldplay


    "Dunn we got a heavily armed suspect in your area please respond"

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    Same with my cell old slow and no internet... I need a new one, but this one will do for now.
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    Hmm... I found a program to use .mp3 files as ringtones, transferred over a bluetooth connection. And I have the capability to do that, so I think I will use... Hmm. I don't know what song to use.
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    Originally posted by Melonie:
    I need to get a cool ringtone for my phone. I'm just scaredt hat I'll be bombarded with text messages from wherever I get the ringtone for.

    Gosh, I don't even know how to get a new ringtone if I wanted to. My phone doens't connect to the internet.
    See about getting a USB data cable for your phone. Make your own ringtones by opening an mp3 with Nero Wave Editor and choosing a portion of it by cutting out what you do not want. Save it and upload it via the USB cable with BitPim (free).
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    Unfortunate bump? And I realize I've posted in this thread before. Let it go. But yeah, my cell phone's pretty new, but I don't have any ring tones. I just have this drum-beats thing for everybody, then some different ones for my favorite contacts. My text thing is disabled... my uncle took it off. *sigh* Unfortunately.

    I only use vibrate in class, or at church. If my cell phone's with me, it's on. Period. At home, it's always charging, and it usually needs it pretty bad. I'm on my phone alot, actually. People don't usually call me unless they miss my call, which sucks. But I call people alot. So it kinda works out, I guess.
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    My ringtone is Mike Oldfield-Tubular Bells.
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