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    Hi, please ensure you post this in the bugs thread.
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    Originally Posted by d3ming Go to original post
    Yeah, I had this issue since the beta. Went back to the game again and it still has it. This is THE issue that literally makes me not want to play this game every single time I start, bugs me to no end that an issue since beta is still not fixed.

    also, I do remember it being reported over and over again in the bug thread. It is a different thing if it keeps being ticked as 'wontfix' in the issue tracker (if such exists and someone actually moves bugs from the forum thread to it).
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    This bug affects Haven's racial meter too, in the same manner.
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    A way around it

    If you set the game to auto fight on the heroes turn, they can still use it for you.
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    This may be a little bit late (Kappa) but after wanting to replay the game hoping this bug would be fixed, (spoiler alert: it wasn't) i figured out what causes this bug and how to "fix" it.
    The bug can occur when completing a map and hitting the "next map"-button. The fix is; dont. Or if you do just to see if it occurs, go out to to main menu, select your character and start the map you just were on manually. Works like a charm for me.

    Even though it took me 6 ****ing years to realize this, I'm quite happy I can finally play this game as intented and perhaps finish it.

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    It is working indeed! Thanks!
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    Thank you so much! I have been playing all this years with this bug!
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