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    Those daft brushes at Top Gear decided to make a space shuttle out of a Reliant Robin. I was initially sceptical but when they lit the thing up I almost broke my jaw on the floor.

    If you can't be bothered to watch the build up, go forward to about 17:30 and be ASTONISHED by the STS Robin's noble attempt at touching the sky. I won't give away the ending, (it doesn't make it into orbit).

    video of launch.

    edit***Did you notice the aerlerons were attached to the wings using brass door hinges? No expense spared.***
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    Watched this last night, laught-out-loud hilarious!

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    Bloody impressive
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    Spectacular in it's craptastickness. That was awe inspiring-ly funny. The amount of money spent on the SRB's and External tank, that had to have been a pretty penny.
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    Chips and Lard.
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    Simply brilliant, that launch was so impressive, nice to see it again, I laughed my head off Sunday evening watching it but probably like many others was quietly impressed by what was achieved. Virgin take note
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    I made a space shuttle out of an Me-262:

    MAP Netmountains/load.ini
    TIME 17.5
    CloudType 2
    CloudHeight 1500.0
    army 1
    playerNum 0
    Planes 1
    Skill 1
    Class air.ME_262A1A
    Fuel 25
    weapons default
    NORMFLY 30335.03 39000.86 5.00 845.00
    NORMFLY 30334.72 39000.58 2000.00 700.00
    30427 39301 10
    30308 39012 2000

    Fly as a multiplayer coop.
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    OMG!!1.. LOL!!1

    you must Top Gear
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    That was GREAT. I used to work on the Space Shuttle at NASA/JSC and that was fantastic! They must have had some pretty good control systems in place to get it to launch so well.

    Thanks for sharing the video.

    * _54th_Speeder *
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    THAT...is hilarious!
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