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    -Virtually every other greasy food on Earth.
    You forgot the British contribution to world cuisin.. the chip.

    -First to the Moon (Russia gets credit for first into space!)
    To be pedantic the USA was the first to land people on the moon, but the Russians were the first to get something at the moon. Both are impressive achievements. It scares me to think how primitive in modern terms the Apollo technology was with computers with the processing power of a modern calculator, yet it worked!

    Anyway you forgot some important American contributions:

    - The transistor
    - The integrated circuit
    - The laser

    We wouldn't be installing IL2 from a CD onto our PCs without those!
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    The Revolutionary War wasn't a result of a single factor, it was caused by many events flowing from the poor relationship between the thirteen colonies and the American government. Among other factors, the tax controversy was the main one which made America to revolt against British rule. I agree with a statement the author of this research makes: "The British continued to come up with other acts and laws which were meant to oppress the colonists. As a result, Americans' desire to be independent continued to increase each day. The colonists found it increasingly hard to tolerate such acts, and that is the reason why they were referred to as the intolerable acts"
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