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    anyway something sux about ac2 THE GOD DAMM FEATHERS i 73....i guess but thing is im already 90% in AC2 trophies sooo i dont care
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    You could also look up the feather guide on gameradar if you're having a hard time finding them. Plus I don't get why you would want the Auditore cape if the only thing it does is get yo attacked constantly by guards.
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    umm no clue how old this post is, but i know some people have problems with this still, including my self in the past, but you don tjust wear them in every city... you have to go to each district... the mountains... the towns in tuscony outside the city walls... pretty much... go to every view point you ever visited in the game and the mountains, thats what i did and it worked!
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    [QUOTE]Originally posted by asagoe:
    Did you try equipping it??? For you street sweeper. Kill five guards near a hay cart, pick them up and then trow them into to the cart.. You gotta clean them off off the street.
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    When I unlocked the "show your colors I walked into the middle of a city, then equipped the cape, then un-equipped it. Then I'd switch to the cape that took my notoriety away and had no problems... And why wouldn't you want to wear the cape. Now I just walk around with the cape and a broom and guards run from me....
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    TY RandomRansom!

    For some reason the unequip/equip didn't help at first but suddenly, after 1 hour I got my Trophy which made me Master Assassin ^^

    PS: sry for the late post had some trouble logging in xD
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    If you are speaking about brotherhood you need to renovate rome 100%. It locks your notoriety at 0, very good if you ask me!
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