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    Does anybody recognize this plane? [img]/i/smilies/16x16_smiley-wink.gif[/img]

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    MiloMorai wrote:
    - Some interesting info on the U-boats
    - from
    - <a href="http://www.kriegsmarine.net/uboats.htm"
    - target=_blank>http://www.kriegsmarine.net/uboats.h
    - tm</a>


    - Given these figures, 73% of U-boats constructed
    - during the Second World War (including all 1 170
    - U-boats - whether frontline or training machines)
    - achieved no success against the enemy."

    Mm-hmm. Remember "Das Boot"? I can understand why. But the perceived effect of U-boats was probably something quite different (I'm no expert).

    - At that, these were much better than 1939 (average
    - of 19.5 monthly), 1940 (average of 18.75 monthly)
    - and 1941 (average of 47.5 monthly). OTOH, the 'bang
    - for their buck' was probably highest in 1940, which
    - was also arguably the U-Boats most 'successful' year
    - in terms of ships sunk per patrol and U-Boats lost
    - per ship sunk (see my previous reply).

    Of course, in the opening months of the war ships were not travelling in convoys and didn't have protection, plus after the merchant and navy ships started moving in convoys it took a while to get the experience to really counter the subs.

    - No, actually the UK was never 'losing' the U-Boat
    - war, it just took them a while to realize that they
    - were winning it."

    Brilliant, isn't it.
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    Just out of curiosity, are you citing modern international laws of war or the laws established before 1939?

    I don't know if they've changed, but maybe it's worth considering.

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    The hawker Tempest was witout a doubt the very best fighter of WWII. It could outclimb, out turn, out dive, out run, and out gun any other plane. Too bad it came along so late in the war.

    Do a search on "The Hawker Tempest Page". Great stuff.

    Rich [img]/i/smilies/16x16_smiley-happy.gif[/img]

    <Center> <Center>I've got 140 109's cornered over Berlin!
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    Wow! Isegrim doesn't think the Tempest was any good? Now there's a shocker.
    Isegrim you need to get away from those charts you seem to put so much emphasis on. They don't mean $hit. They don't translate into real life. If they did, the Nazi's would have never been shot down, and would have won every one-on-one encounter with enemy aircraft.
    I think if you check the record, you'll find that's not the way it happened. Got a chart for that?
    I'm bettin' you chart your bowel movements.[img]/i/smilies/16x16_smiley-wink.gif[/img]

    Rich [img]/i/smilies/16x16_smiley-happy.gif[/img]

    <Center> <Center>I've got 140 109's cornered over Berlin!
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    Try and keep the personalities toned down and concentrate on the data. Seems to me everyone is posting the best sources they know. Doesn't make any sense to diss someone for posting alternative sources, on the contrary it looks more like an oppurtunity to expand your data resources.

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