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    The waiting time of 4V4 its way too long sometimes. I know that probably 1 on 1 grabs most of the people how press "quick match" but probably some of them can be directed to the 4 on 4 games. Personally I go to multiplayer becase I want to interact with other people, 1 on 1 ist a small variation of playing against the computer IMO.
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    can u make 3 factions battle on the same map?
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    Alright, so there's only a small handfull of players in TOW. I'm willing to wait a few minutes in the lobby to get a match going, but what is ridiculous is to play the SAME MAPS every 2 days.

    Why are we always going back and forth between the same territories? Are we stuck forever??

    If let's say JSF has A and B on one given day, then C and D the next day, why are we going back to A and B? Can't we MOVE ON somewhere else? Of course one war wouldn't last very long, but it's still way better than being RESTRICTED to 4 maps!
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