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    I can't find a way to climb the tall red brick viewpoint, just west of the Assassin's Tomb/restricted area in South Venice. I've walked around it & tried climbing each side & jumping to it from an adjacent building and I can't find the way up. Ideas? Thanks!
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    Climb the east side of the tower. You will need to use the climb leap at some point, but I assume you have it since you've unlocked the district that this tower is in.
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    I've tried that side. I use the climb leap, but then there's a window that's out of reach for even that move. I move to the right/up along some broken bricks, but when I reach the corner, I can't get around to the next side to use those windows.

    This tower is REALLY frustrating me!
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    FINALLY made it! You were right; start on the east side. I finally managed to turn the corner of the building to the right and finish the climb, got the glyph and got to the very top to synchronize and leap.

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