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    Hi and welcome to the forums, have you contacted Technical Support? http://support.ubisoft.com/
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    Turn on the servers!!! i cant play Theatre of war on xbox 360,TURNNN IT OOOON PLIISSS.
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    I Dont want to double post it is necessay this is what i get
    Ubisoft Support The servers are no longer supported for the console due to the age of the game. The servers may not be running due to the activity of the game on the console. I would suggest checking into the latest game of the series, End War Online.
    Yeah i loveeee you ubisoft <3(in other words,hahaha do you want to play on xbox 360? we dont care,just play end war online )
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    Not able to contact support

    I am not able to contact support about my EndWar issues.
    My "homepage" is totally blank.
    Has been this war for 2 days now.

    Hopefully you will all do what has to be done to get the game back online.
    Greets, Chatsel2014
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    Whats going on with PS3 Servers? Why does it keep kicking me off the server every time I go into the theater of war? Its not just me, many others are experiencing this as well.
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    PS3 server is down. There's message saying that it's cease fire and next turn will start on Dec, 14th. But today is already 22nd of December. Fix it, please!
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    Ceasefire is still active. Please fix the error!

    Ceasefire is still active. Please fix the error!
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    Endwar on PS3 is down since Sunday. Any idea when it will be back on? Thx
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    Servers for Endwar (PS3) still down... just bought the game from my EU account but having the servers closed is like a steal... y you guys are offering a game in the store without online portion enable??? you should warn the people before buying it! please solve this server issue...
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    Endwar servers still down

    On PS3 & Steam the servers are still down. It was up last month.

    This time you can't see the rankings either? Have you pulled the plug on this game that you are still selling on steam and ps3 without the notification of no online play in stores?
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