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    I had not done S3 M1 and M2 but had done 3, so I went to the place to start memory 1 I walked up to the door and it kicked off a cutscene I did the missions and memory 1 is not 100% same as memory 3. But its memory 2 I went to the doctors house but the door didn' have that shimmer and when I walked up to it no cutscene.

    What do I have to do to start Sequence 3 Memory 2 ?

    Thanks ..
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    Ummm... AC2 or BH? Annd... How did you do 3 without 1 and 2?
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    sorry, its AC2 Brotherhood (PC) I don't know how I managed to get Sequence 3 Memory 3 done without doing memory 1 and memory 2 first ? I had done 3 but could not get into 1 or 2 in DNA, it said to goto a start point. I found out where the thieves location was and went there and it work, when I arrived at the door the cutscene started and I did it from there ..

    With mem 1 and mem 3 done, I went to do mem 2, I looked at a video of a walk through to find the correct door, I stopped there didn't want to see any more but what I did notice in that in the map the doctors door had its own icon on the map (xbox360 version) my PC version didn't have that icon but I found the same door but the cutscene did not kick in.

    With mem 1 all I needed to do to get the cutscene and to start the missions was to walk up to the right door, but this time in mem 2 that didn't work.

    Is there someone I have to talk to before going to that door ?
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    For memory 2 of Sequence 3 you have to talk to Bartolomeo's wife after you talk to him. She will ask you to kill the captain of the Borgia tower on the peninsula near Bartolomeo's fort.

    The 100% sync of killing only the captain can be difficult unless you somehow manage to draw the guards away from the entrance or wait until you get smoke bombs.

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    Of the 12 Towers and there captains , I have only 4 to go but they are all behind the invisible wall and I can't get to the last 4 towers.
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