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    Check this out.

    Particulars can be found here. Looks pretty good to me. If I had the cash and the room Id be there in a heart beat. It says nothing about compatability with the IL2 series though. It is amazing to me how MS has become the "standard" and yet there are better products out. Says X Plane compatibility is in the works. IMO IL2 compatibility will sell more units however it does say: "Under FS2002/2004 and CFS1/2, the platform moves according to the aircraft position. --- Under any other games, it moves according to the joystick position."
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    Hey thats a pretty neat little gizmo there Bear. I know Xplane and MS series support the kinda data output required to run these things. But I am not so sure about device link for Il2 ? Still something to think about for BoB perhaps but how many of you could afford it ?
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    The way it is setup in the video is not completely correct.

    The screen is placed in a static position against the wall while you are moving around on the platform.

    The screen should be mounted on the platform as well.
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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by tHeBaLrOgRoCkS:
    But I am not so sure about device link for Il2 ? <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>Devicelink just sends a client the data it asked for.
    If you write a devicelink-client that can control the platform then you can use it with FB/PF.
    Does it come with an interface for other programs? (sample code or .dll)

    Don't 'real' simulators move the platform based on how the plane moves instead of it's orientation?
    Ie if you increase the G-load it tilts back, pushing you in the seat.
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    Hey Bear!!!! That's an $11,000.00 U.S. price tag on that little gizmo! For that kinda money, to get the purchase by the wife, it better be able to thrust forward and back as well!!!
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    Not to mention that it won't emulate the feeling of an aircraft simply by rolling. . . under most circumstances there is very little sensation of lateral displacement as you would feel when that platform banks. In a normal turn for example the bulk of forces are still acting straight down with respect to the pilot, so this may work if the banking action was very limited when turning and only high when performing any significant yawing inputs.

    In other words, unless it has quite a nice big brain that will evaluate the aircraft dynamics and then emulate the feel that a pilot might experience (you peripheral vision would also need to be blocked too) I would not see this as an increase in realism.
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    well to be honest I wish em luck, I tried to more or less give a full motion professional stimulator away that i know is available and even mentioned it here, but to no avail.... I think I might of at last sorted a home for it

    but why bother with an incy winsy little piddly platform like that, I would feel like I was sitting on one of those rocking kiddies rides you see in shopping malls......... Now if you want something aimed at the serious gamers market and I quote

    "Provide a path for flight simulation enthusiasts into real aviation;"

    drop your tongue on the floor and go see


    yeahhh right, now that will rock your boat, and probably punch a ruddy great hole in the ceiling while its doing it

    btw check out there current progress link and look at that airfield lol, talk about a mess of runways
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    this don\'t make no sense!
    Bah. Donate to me and I'll have one working in a few weeks.

    This sort of thing is easy to do. Hell, even the force-emulation is cake.

    I just don't have the friggen cash to get the hardware.

    I've got my eye on a $80 board that'll let me hook up guages, but I can't afford the ****ed thing. I found a book that'll let me build my own board, but I can't afford that either.

    Its making me crazy. I understand the technologies but can't afford to invest!

    I've looked at hundreds of motoin platforms and can't believe what they charge. The hardware is expensive, sure, but its not that ****ed expensive.

    Someone needs to start an X-prize for cockpits. If I could get funding I'd win with my superior duct-tape technology
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    These movable platforms are nice to simulate a civil aviation aircraft. However, to recreate the feel of a combat or a high performance aerobatic aircraft on the ground you need this:


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