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    Tried to have the forums notify me of particualr threads.
    "You don't have permission to view this....see your 'Permissions'."

    Went to 'Permissions'. "You don't have premission to view this...see your 'Permissions'."

    ??????????? ?????????????? ??????????????
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    I was having probems earlier, the pages would just reload over and over. Finally that quit, and now FireFox is occasionally drawing an imaginary box near the top of the pages, its like its stealthed to match the page. You can spot it easy if you drag the QuickReply window throught the area.
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    I don't quite understand your post. For instance....say I want to be notified of all your posts. I click on your name and the dropdown box gives me several options, one of which is "notify me of posts by adlabs6" When I click it nothing happens and the requested notification doesn't appear in my 'Notifications' listing. Should I post this problem to "Community Help", to a mod, or both?
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    Tully__'s Avatar Global Moderator
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    PT to UbiRazz. Mods can't change it. Razz will pass it on to the technical admins.
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    Thanks tully. You come to my rescue again. ~S~
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