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    Pilots and Chutes I've been told are solid as I found out the hard way and lost a wing!

    But on solid objects , wings ? are they solid objects? The reason I ask is I shot the wing off of a Japanese transport plane (twin engine) and as it came away it went back the way (and in the track I made of it, it passed through the body of the plane).

    If that had come back and hit me, would it have done damage to my ship like a pilot and his chute had done in a previous track I made?

    I the answers yes it would do damage to my ship , should it not do the same to the plane it came off of instead of passing through it!

    No biggie! but it would be nice in if it can damage mine it should be able to do damage to both!

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    hmm... well, that happens to me too in AEP, but all the other stuff makes up for it. I don't kill chutes, unless I'm REALLY bored, or very, very, very pissed at the piolet or gunner ect. I took a wing off my plane killin' a dude too once also. Small world isn't it.
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    The Chutes can be a problem if to many air crews are in the air at once.Will slow the computer down.
    Off line play
    Shoot the chutes.
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    If a part falling from a damaged plane hits you in the mission your plane will be damaged. Tracks don't always show all the parts in explosion or all the bullets you've fired in exactly the same place they were in the mission. Undamaged aircraft & ground objects are usually correctly represented though.
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