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    Alex G. from World of Level Design is publishing new tutorials every day! These are advanced tutorials with many useful functions shown!

    Check World of Level Design site every day to get new parts of the tutorials!

    First two parts are already uploaded:
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    Third part called "Creating the Initial Environment" of COJ:BiB tutorials is released!

    This is a list of all upcoming tutorials:

    1. Installing Tools. File Structure of Custom Maps, Support
    2. Interface and Navigation Advanced Mode
    3. Creating the Initial Environment
    *. Bonus: Terrain Workflow
    4. Adding Objects and Environment Props
    5. Custom Objects
    6. Adding Roads and Working with Terrain
    7. Detailing and Using Brushes
    8. Placing Enemies and AI
    9. Adding Items, Effects and Map Objectives
    10. Publishing a Map and Release
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    Part 5 about creating custom objects in Maya/Max is available!


    Also you can check the "How to import your model into Chrome Engine 4" document on COJModding.com Tutorials/Manuals page.
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    Great Website

    really, this is a very cool website for CG Artist
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