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    Pilots & crew members are not modelled to physicaly show injury (damage) while in the planes. I note that pilots may show a slumped look when dead while in parachute BUT there is no appearance of injury state (damage)while they are IN the plane. It would be of great benefit if a pilot or crew is killed that the 3d model gives appearance of being slumped over controls or some other effect to know they are in fact dead. This is especially important with more and more multi engined/crew planes. It's kind of silly that 3d models show pilots head turning but not one sign of damage when a 20 mm explodes in the cockpit or gun position. It also will give better visual clue to damage inflicted when attacking multi crewed planes.
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    Do you really wanna see brains flying allover the place?
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    at least collapsed pilot would not hurt--it was coded and worked perfectly in beta AEP.
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    It's the HighGore=1 setting in conf.ini file that supported dead pilots modeled in some planes like He-111 and bf-109F in FB.
    I haven't checked it out in current version but it was still there in v.2.04.
    Here is an example:

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    Why did you say "brains?"

    I don't think he was asking for true "gore" but global support of the "slumped" look isn't too inappropriate, is it?
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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Jaws2002:
    Do you really wanna see brains flying allover the place? <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
    No one speaks of splattered brains. I totally agree with Jurinko's post. A collapsed pilot would do the trick even without blood.
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    Thank you. Yes, I was asking for a slumped figure as stated. Interesting on the HighGore=1. I will have to add that and see what happens. We don't need body parts to wash out of ball turrents and I am not asking for it. I also would question the damage model for gunners in larger planes. It seems as if whatever damage model or damage box is very small.

    I would like to see a wounded gunner in 2 stages be addressed in damage programming. Stage 1, the gunners accuracy and ROF is reduced by %50. Stage 2, gunner ceases fire. Both stages 1 and 2 no 3d model effect. Stage 3 would be death, slumped model figure, of course no firing.
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    On another note ... if you flame a Val and/or place a few good rounds into the rear gunners postion, he still shoots at you while going down enveloped in a fire ball and black smoke.

    I would have bailed by then!
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    So would the slumped dead pilot have an effect on the stick? Causing it to go straight into a dive? Not all the time mind you but dependent upon how the pilot slumps.
    The idea of degradation of weapons effectiveness for the gunners is a good idea Wingstrut. Almost crazy it doesn't happen now, huh?
    Yeah and keep the extreme gore in favor for(while were here for the GAMES D.M.): higher smoke plumes coming from ships!! Im talkin the big black oily towering plumes that go on for miles when a ship is truly getting hammered!!
    Ok ok I'll settle for.."2 miles"!!
    The ships d.m. for burning now seems to look more like a college bonfire burning wood and couches than a real stricken ship that was burning coal,av fuel,oil,steel,aluminum etc. etc. etc. On the smaller vessels its cool but for the larger ones it just doesn't seem like its representative.
    I would dig seeing secondary explosions as well. And not just from the planes on the flight deck that are exploding.
    Ever land a 500 lbr. DIRECTLY into the island of an opposing carrier? What happens? Nuthin much!!
    MORE island battle damage would be a crowd pleaser. For that matter so would overall ship d.m. If one can "neatly saw ones aileron cables" it would be cherry for one to atleast see something on that ship disabled whether a boiler ,rudder,deck elevator(who cares that they aren't functional? Just show me that the bomb that was just dropped had SOME kinda effect on it or its crew..ex: you just strafed the bridge "shutting down the bridge" at which point the ship will slow and eventually come to a stop to represent damage control and re-crew of position. Perhaps the bridge smoking would atleast reflect if I had hit it or the flight deck.
    Here would be a fun one: a dropped bomb penetrated flight deck, entered into the hangar bay "destroying xx planes , xx crew" and then upon flight from area one may receive this message: "Secondary explosions caused by 500 lb bomb disabled/destroyed hangar deck & officers quarters" Accompany this with explosions & smoke coming from inside at appropriate level!!
    Different size debris field graphics according to their ships size to be left at the scene after ship destruction. Possibly with its own oil slick?
    Oil slicks (possibly on fire closer to the ship?) would be T!ts!!
    I wont bring up deck fire crews as they are from the air mostly unseen in all the smoke and fire from altitude. But water streams shooting at diff angles towards the deck would be cool if triggered by an appropriate event.To be turned off when excessive fire and smoke obstruct their view?
    Lastly, I dont know if one should put this in the "Cruise Model" for the ships but, the wakes could be longer. Not better just longer! It was possible to see the wakes long before one saw the ship.
    Wake = n x ships length + ships speed??
    Perhaps 1.5x the length @ flank?
    The effect as is makes it hard to judge the speed of any fleet.
    I dont know just a thought.

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    A. None of the above has anything to do with the specific topic of pilots or crew as stated.

    B. No one stated slumping over the stick.
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