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    I couldn't help but pass this on from the subsim forum. Enjoy.

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    RoFL I'll spread the love on CWoS too....

    Thanks S.
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    Eviently Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force is fully combat ready. If evil gaijin invade Japanese waters, they will dance and sing until their death!

    To be serious, I am a little surprised to find that a young lady appears to fly anti submarine P3. On the other hand, I am not surprised by the silly tone of the ad. Some number of years ago, a friend of mine (he is a Japanese citizen) was approached by a JSDF recruiter while strolling on a street in Tokyo. We still laugh about the incident, because that showed how desperate JSDF recruiters were --- my friend is short (about 5 feet 4) and skinny (about 100 lb), with thick glasses. He is least qualified for a soldier. (He later became an academic.) Japanese armed forces lost all its prestige within the nation in 1945 and there is no respect for JSDF. It's always diffuclt to fill the slots. After all, being an island nation, Japan needed self defense forces only a few times over the last 2000 years, who cares?
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    Seamanship for love!!!!
    What a recruiting slogan!!!!
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