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    , Zeusmeister
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    I'm going to attept to make a world like Amateria in Myst 3: Exile that has a giant marble contraption. I'm also going to try to make a book that you can use to link there.

    I think I can make some really cool effects using the Havoc engine.

    I'll come back and post screenies when I get it working.
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    Sounds cool, Zeus. Half-Life 2 isn't exactly my top choice in games so I don't own it myself, but I know you could do some totally awesome things with Havoc. I'll be waiting for some screens !

    Of course, Rand said a map editor for Uru was possibly on the way. Phat.
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    That is so awesome. I would love to play a demo..if it was realy good..i would buy half life 2 just to make my own ages..plus its a good game. Right now I am making my own myst-like game with powerpoint. It actually works pretty well. Anyways. I hope you make your own age and a demo possibly. Thanx
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    I don't own Half-Life 2 and i don't really want to. But the idea of making Myst V with it is a good one!
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    Right now I'm trying to make a moving linking book panel and a book that goes with it.

    I might take a while with this because I'm still learning how to use the editor.

    Keep checking back though, because I'll try to update this thread with my progress at least twice a week.

    I'll post all new info at the top of the thread.
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