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    Is thre a way to make flyable aircraft stationary objects? I'd like to place a few of them (with appropriate skins) around an airbase without having them attempt to take off.

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    In IL2: 1946 full mission builder, the entire list of aircraft is available in the Stationary Aircraft list. The damage modelling on them is not the same as for actual aircraft, they're a quite a bit easier to destroy and the point score is lower but they are the same 3D model and wont try to fly or despawn.

    Unfortunately you can't skin them.

    For aircraft from the Aircraft list, give them zero fuel. This prevents them from moving but may also result in them de-spawning in some patch versions.

    Also, getting them where you want them can be problematic as objects from this list will automatically move their first waypoint to the nearest runway end unless you're outside the "snap to runway" range. The exact distance varies with patch version, but on some of the bigger airfields it used be possible to get them on the perimeter apron without snapping to a runway end.
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    Thanks. I should have been more clear in my question. I did realize all the aircraft were available. The problem is indeed the skinning issue. Too bad that's not correctable.
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    4.11 may address some of your issues regarding default skins: http://forum.1cpublishing.eu/showthread.php?t=20318

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