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    Heya Peoples

    Just thought some of you might like some new
    missions.. Some lean towards the historical type,
    and others lean towards the hysterical type.



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    There are some really cool looking missions there. Plus some for 4.09 as well. Bravo! and thanks for sharing them EZ.

    EDIT: Holy S**T EZ! There are some awesome missions! Without giving anything away, "Ghost Ship" and "Merciful Valhalla" are worth downloading just for the surprises! You've done some EXCELLENT work in the FMB realising these missions EZ.
    One question though, in "Duke Nukem" the 111's have 0 fuel. Is there a reason for that?

    I highly recommend these missions.
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    You are very gifted at object placement and mission design...... I hope you are going to use the new maps and objects at AAA too..
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    To answer your question Beebop..
    The fuel level is intentional, I see I forgot to mention that in the brief.

    The reason for the He's having 0 fuel is it needs human pilots to land at the half way point. Therefore the mission chances will increase or decrease with the amount of bomber pilots flying the mission.
    There are other missions there that have the same concept, where if you only have two humans.. you only have two planes up. Difficult sometimes yes.. but challenging and more personal at the same time.


    PS.. I love the edit lol.. that's the kinda stuff that keeps me going heh. A personal favourite of mine is watching people crash while gawking at the eye-candy

    Thanks for the kind words guys

    Over 275 more missions to prepare for upload.
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    Looks interesting... Where do these files go? Just in the main missions folder?
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    If your IL2 has been installed into the default location then you could dump the missions here..

    C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\IL-2 Sturmovik 1946\Missions\Net\coop\EZsMissions

    If you make a folder within your coop folder entitled "EZsMissions" for example.. you can organize your missions a tad easier.


    Plus.. I've added a mission pack which includes all missions in one download. 50 missions or variants of.

    Only 275+ more missions to upload.
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    Somebody named EZ has been BizE!
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    JG26_EZ, um, exactly how much free time do you have on your hands, huh? You a lottery winner or somethin'?

    P.S. Dood, your avatar is friggin' hilarious!
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    How do I get missions I have downloaded to come up in the menu so that I can play them? I am using 1946.
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    Heya Crosspc3..

    Start out by going to this folder..

    C:\IL-2 Sturmovik 1946\Missions\Net\coop

    Create a new folder in your "coop" folder, and call it what you wish.
    For this example, I've named mine "EZsMissions" and used ghost ship as the downloaded mission.

    What you need to do is extract the two text files, GhostShip.mis & GhostShip.prop, to your C:\IL-2 Sturmovik\1946\Missions\Net\coop\EZsMissions folder.

    Now, when you host a coop mission via multiplayer, and choose the EZsMissions folder, you will see it in the list.

    Hope that wasn't too confusing.
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