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    People in USA and UE go 2x2 (????? ??? ?????? ?? ??? ? ?????? ??? ????? 2?2).
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    Nah, I've had enough of random 2x2 matches. I say, it only works if u team up with a friend or somebody u know.
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    I hear that Nacreous.
    I ran into a couple people who know what they are doing. Like this one US commander Delta(some number combination), and enemy commanders like Junk33 and LamDog. But it feels like people who really know how to play are rare. Or maybe I'm just that damn good.

    22nd Tactical.
    "Never give an inch!"
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    In what time basically people from fraction JSF play? (? ????? ????? ? ???????? ?????? ???? ?? ??????? JSF?)
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    lets start translating everything we say after the sentence , k ?
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    And all the same, what about an interval of time of players JSF? Here about it of anything it has not been written...
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