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    Hi Folks,

    I play IL2 1946 ( version 4.09) offline.

    I don't have much change to play frequently so the stock version works well. I would like to add some mods/enhancements if I could. They are below. ( I researched the Ultra Pack - but based on what I read it's a little too ambitious or possibly overkill for what I am looking for currently)

    - A quick mission enhancement pack ( I think have that covered with the Uber Quick Mission program )
    - Aircraft Carrier deck crews
    - Maybe a sound pack with different weapons sounds. ( I particularly would like the cannons to sound more distinct/powerful)

    Do any of you more seasoned players have suggestions or use any of these type add ons. - particularly the deck crew and sounds?

    Thanks in advance - jg1234
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    Mods are bad man. Don't you know? They're really bad. Like terrible.

    Even though they take nothing away from the makers of the game.

    But seriously, this place has a really silly view on mods. Hope someone can answer you properly though.
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    Better use Google, or ask at the sites / forums directly related to mods.

    As b2spirita hinted, there are rules here that do not allow using links to these un-official mods.

    Have Fun!
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    Thanks Folks,

    I didn't mean to stray from the topic. I didn't realize mods weren't discussed here but it makes sense.

    I will post somewhere else if I need information.

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    - Aircraft Carrier deck crews
    You can have carrier gunner crews if you mess with the configuration file (I think it's "3dGunners=1").
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