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    Cheers, Spinner

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    8:40pm - 9:30pm


    Repeat, Subtitled, Widescreen, Audio-described

    The Mystery of the Missing Ace

    In huge conflicts such as the Second World War, individual acts of courage or heroism can frequently be overlooked. Though much decorated during his lifetime, Wing Commander Adrian Warburton was largely written off by the authorities after his mysterious disappearance during a mission. Warburton was a glamorous figure, an RAF pilot and crack reconnaissance photographer.

    He won the Distinguished Flying Cross for bravery, and led a dashing life in Malta, where he fell in love with a dancer. But she - and his wife in England -- was bereft when he vanished. For decades, neither the US nor the British authorities took much interest in his fate. But this Timewatch (first shown last year) tells the remarkable story of some dogged amateur historians and other experts who unravelled the truth that led, at long last, to Warburton being laid to rest.

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    Thanks for the Heads Up!
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    Hey sounds good
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    Oooooo ta. I'm just reading a book about Warby and I'd have missed this but for your heads-up. Many thanks!

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    Saw it first time around, remarkable story & very moving.

    Even some real footage of him landing a damaged aircraft.
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    yeah ive seen it down here on aussie tv. its a really good doco, even if some of the graphics are dodgy! lol good all the same! worth watchin
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    While I won't be able to catch the show - an excellent book on this pilot's career while on Malta is "Fortress Malta, An island under siege 1940-1943" by James Holland.

    An excellent account of the air and naval siege of Malta by Luftwaffe and Regia Aeronautica in WWII.

    The author tells the story through several different points of view (mostly Allied) - but it is a very good book.

    The events surronding Adrian Warburton - both in and out of the cockpit - are very well done.

    I hope I'm not giving anything away - but just this last summer - Warburton's P-38 was found here in Germany.
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