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    Hi, im new to the forums,

    and i want to know something: What would i buy? IL-2 Sturmovik+ exp p, or PF--> and i want to know if the AI of PF is as bad as some sites say (gamespot) or is it fixed with a patch

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    I'd recommend finding the Forgotten Battles Gold Pack, which would give you FB and the Aces Expansion Pack. If you decide you like the game, then get Pacific Fighters and do a combined install. This should give you the biggest "bang" for your buck.
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    I agree with Cossack. Also ignore the reviews as msot are doen by people with ZERO clue about the Genre and due to that they slam it. Anyone with any Knowledge about the game adn the series finds that most of their reviews are poor to horrible regarding any accuracy at best.
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    Yes, get the FB Gold Pack and try it. You'll be hooked, this is a great game. Be sure to get the latest patches. You'll need AEP_201 and AEP_204.
    The AI is actually pretty good and improving with each patch. Some of the reviews in Gamespot and other sites are pretty off the mark.


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    ill give the Il-2 gold pack a try, but ive heard something that you cant buy the gold pack in belgium, true?
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    Get FB+AEP first, as suggested; there is far more scope.

    If you love it, PF is worthwhile but only after patching to v3.01 or later; those reviews were written at v3.00 and they were not far off the mark.

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    1 more question, is the pack a stand alone game, ore do i need IL-2 the original?
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    Goldpack, which is IL2-Forgotten Battles with ACE, is completely stand alone. IL2-Forgotten Battles is a new game and not an add-on to the original IL2-Sturmovik.
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    The IL-2: Forgotten Battles + Aces Expansion Pack(IL-2 + AEP) is all you would need. You would not need the old original IL-2: Sturmovik.

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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Some of the reviews in Gamespot and other sites are pretty off the mark <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    screw the reviews, if you like it who cares right? i mean after all these reviews said that Jurassic Park wouldnt make money...

    and these reviews also said that Strike Fighters P1 was too limited but then again the 3rd party addons i have downloaded take up 2 CD's
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