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    I found my port 1000 is closed and need to open it to play online - I haven't found a single game in four days so far.

    Anyway, I got into the Router settings (written in Japanese as I live in Japan) and am faced with the following:

    Port 'specify' and a separate port 'conversion' - translation from Japanese to English.

    Inside the 'specify' one I have a choice of the following:

    Protocol TCP, UDP, TCP:UDP, and ICMP
    Port number list: http, ftp, ftpdata, telnet etc.
    Port number Start (enter a number) and port number finish (enter a number)
    LAN Receiving IP Address (space to enter an IP address)

    What should I do? Choose from the above?

    The next one 'Port conversion' options:

    Protocal: TCP, UDP, TCP:UDP
    WAN 'side' number (space to put a number)
    LAN Receiving Terminal IP Address (space to put an IP address)
    LAN 'side' port number (space to put a number)

    What exactly am I supposed to do please?

    Many thanks indeed for help.

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    Please see the Readme.txt file located in the install directory - or the pinned thread at the top of the forum.

    'If it is not possible to shut-down your firewall, you will need to configure your router or firewall to allow port 1000 (UDP & TCP) for the best possible connection. Some other ports you may need to open are as follows:

    44301 [UDP & TCP] - PunkBuster Service
    45301 [UDP & TCP] - PunkBuster Service
    49928 [UDP & TCP] - Uplay Service'

    How you enable that - depends on the type and make of your router - so you should either contact the maker or your ISP for details.
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    Please visit http://portforward.com - Port Forwarding for information on how to forward port 1000 at your modem/router.
    Find out what kind of modem/router you have.
    Click on "Click here to skip this advertisement..." at the right top.
    If you do not see the game and / or application you are forwarding ports for, be sure to visit the Default Guide for your router!
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    Thank you but neither of those are of any help. I need specific help from people who recognise what I wrote above; if somebody understands the meaning of those things listed I will get help. Asking my ISP will do nothing but require an engineer come to my house to do it for me (no chance).
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    Yes I have checked portforward too, but of course they do not have an NTT router listed, and the router itself has no name as it belongs to NTT Japan.

    I have the page up to change, I just need someone who understands this stuff to help.
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    Assuming the page layout is also in Japanese I am unable to actually help you.
    I do have my own computer service company with licensed teamviewer and such but without being able to understand any of the information on the page it will be very hard lol
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    Everything written on the page regarding port forwarding is translated above.
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    Port forwarding enabled for [Other applications] (If that is an option to choose)
    Name: ACB TCP
    Protocol: TCP
    From port: 1000
    Through port: [Empty]
    To Computer: [Computername]
    To IP address [Unable to edit] (If editable fill in INTERNAL IP)
    To Port: 1000

    Port forwarding enabled for [Other applications] (If that is an option to choose)
    Name: ACB UDP
    Protocol: UDP
    From port: 1000
    Through port: [Empty]
    To Computer: [Computername]
    To IP address [Unable to edit] (If editable fill in INTERNAL IP)
    To Port: 1000

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    Many thanks indeed shop

    Regarding the IP address: is that my main IP address that I have to enter?

    What you wrote, is that from the settings on your Router? Or is it in e.g. the Windows Firewall options?
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    Internal IP address, not External IP address.
    My Internal IP address would be "192.168.178.**" as my external would be "83.160.**.***"

    How to find your Internal IP address?
    Open command prompt (Start > Run > type "cmd" without the brackets and type ipconfig.
    You will see your IPv4 Address which would be your Internal IP Address.
    If all is well the Internal IP Address should already be filled in add your router.

    As for the image, yes that's from my router.
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