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    Found this on the BOB WOV site. Just illustrates how lacking the sound modeling is in PF. This has got to be fixed in upcoming SOW/BOB.

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    That footage is OUTRAGOUS! Did you notice the ground handling on the 109 with its close spaced gear? I once had a retired Lufwaffe pilot tell me the 109 series lost as many AC to ground loops, etc, as they did to enemy aircraft <ggg.> The engine is no doubt a work of art though. All the best, LongHorn
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    Beautiful work.

    Having seen a real 109 with a Diamler Benz engine in it flying alongside a Spitfire IX that the game indeed is lacking in sounding like the real thing.

    We know nothing about what BoB's sound engine will be like. I hope that it will sound more like the real thing.
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    SWEET!!! You know I remember Janes WW2 fighters having great sounds like the Mustang & 109/190... Might have to re-install it again! Back in my Warbirds days, I made a ton of sounds for all of the planes, but I don't think it would work in IL2... I'l have to see

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    This is a video I made with realistic engine sounds.


    Hope that BOB will sound as great as that !

    Other videos http://www.france-simulation.com/ind...windex&catid=2
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    VERY COOL! Reminds me of how often I am taken aback by some of the sounds the 109 makes (or not)

    Yeah let's hope that sound won't be one of the lesser points of SOW. If they can sample sounds like they do in the game GT Legends, that'd be great! In that game if you rev a Shelby GT, it's enough to get your blood going.

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    Oleg didn't understand that a realistic sound is as much immersive as great textures for a cheaper work time ... Hope he understood that before making bob.
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    Everyone knows that all V12s sound like a turbo charged lawn mower engine and Radials sound like weed eaters
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    Excellent video Metabaron. Good sound does this some a lot of good. Battle of Britain 2 Wings of Victory just released the 2.04 patch and it has much better sound than il2. BoB2 was a crashy mess up until now, but so far it seems playable. Its good for something different since our genre has gone to top secrete mode.
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    skunk, where is that sig quote from? Not the Jack Handy one, the second one.
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