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    I searched for ubisoft's email address, i tried ask a question on the support page, yet i cant find a way to email ubisoft. does anyone have their email?
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    I searched for ubisoft's email address, i tried ask a question on the support page, yet i cant find a way to email ubisoft. does anyone have their email?
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    Go to http://www.ubi.com and select support, then (if in the USA) select the FAQ section then the "Ask a Question" tab. You'll have to log in with an UBI account to use this function.

    If you're international and it didn't automatically take you to your countries website, you'll need to click on the "International Technical Support" link and select the closest country to you then the FAQ section as above.

    I don't have a direct email address for them, you could try support@ubi.com and see if it bounces back to you?
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    I tried that, but i get this error

    The site encountered an unexpected error. Please try again later or contact us if the problem persists.
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    Hellp please

    Hello/good evening,i have a problem on the crew 1.I want to let you know that we found no way in the forum.Help the problem.I started the game and I encountered a power up after it reopenet the game no longer going to reload a reinstallation ..The game started but after that It was giving me out without any noticed wanting to give me some advice how to fix it situation as soon as posible
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    Lost MMR and banned and was never in a game

    Hello, I was never in a game and me and my party were unable to queue into a game. We all decided to restart our game and try again. We restarted our games to find that we had lost mmr and were banned. I am very confused to what happened. Our party leader took us out of the queue before it gave us the notification that we were in a game. It still said matchmaking. Gamertag - DeskSlammer420
    Please give me my mmr back.
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    Pathetic Ranked Matches

    I am a gold 1 player who has been matched with ping abusers every single game and I am now on the edge of going into silver. Void Edge has been the worst for it and it ruins the experience for everyone and I have never been in the same team as a ping abuser, they are always the enemy team which makes it harder for me to rank up. I honestly don't understand how yous cant disable the feature to ping abuse by making it that you cant access the game if you have a VPN ON. this isn't a difficult fix and it is ruining the game and yous also need to fix your cheat system as me and my friends came up against a hacker in one of our matches,he was 1 tapping through walls, in the end we managed to beat him but our KDs got ruined in the process because yous are to incompetent to have a working ANTI-CHEAT system after the game being out for over 5 years. Get it sorted.
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    Hi, I am very upset with your game. I was playing with friends today and I got disconnected from a game. So it gave me a 2 hour banned. Then today around 7 I got disconnected again for 24 hours. So please tell me why I should get banned from a problem with your game saying I canít connect
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    Havenít received r6 credits

    I havenít received r six credits wondering if I could get the $65 one and itís took my money and I havenít received it
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