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    Now I am all for Spain! That is for me a totally unkown Theater.
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    Thanks to all, and hope Oleg is listening!

    The best situation would be of course to have a red and a blue spanish or hispanic sides (could even work as blue Spain and red Mexico for example) and it's obvious a SCW add-on will be interesting to lots of people. However the temporary solution I suggest could not be simpler. The Escuadrillas azules squadrons fought as volunteers in the Luftwaffe, therefore:

    -Their planes, markings and skins are those already existing for the german Luftwaffe. No need to add anything here.

    -All we need is a small change to the code of the game such as folder called SP, or whatever, is recognised as Spain in the Missions and Speech folders.

    -At least ONE new blue regiment that will use such a SP speech folder and the markings for the 4a and 5a Escuadrilla already present in the Skins/regiments folder

    Please Oleg!
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    Totally agree, from me, from http://www.il2mania.com and from http://www.terceraescuadrilla.com

    This great simulator has a "little fault" if spanish people who fought in SCW and IIWW is not represented.

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    Completely in agreement. Good work JuanT.


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    If any of you Spanish squads or pilots gets bored waiting....

    The 69.GIAP and the 249th IAP are already running the Spanish Civil War every Wednesday night - we're up to mission 16 and have at least another 6 months to go.

    Click on my badge to visit our site and post up a message in our public forum.

    You can post in Spanish if you want.
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    Very nice web page STENKA_69.GIAP, it is important for our ckeck other foreigns squadrons interesting in the Spanish civil war and the sim: IL2+FB+PF.

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    I don't belong to any squadron, but I want to add my support as individual to this initiative.

    As others have demonstrated in this thread, Spain deserve to be considered a nation in the game.

    This would allow more accurate mission building for russian skies, and would open a door to develop SCW campaigns, what I'm sure would add a different flavour to the game that would be appreciated by worldwide players.

    Thank you,

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    Bump for a spanish map, and CR 32 flyable!
    I don't know if would be possible now an addon dedicated to the Spanish Civil War, but a map (also only for the online game) and the Fiat flyable...I16 vs CR 32.....would be really an original and great addition!
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    Is my believe that including Spanish units in the Russian Front is a historic fact, and a recognition to the sacrifice participation of those long forgotten (although some still not dead) heroes.

    There was a time when the only available experienced combat pilots to deffend the URSS against the German invasor were Spanish, so no doubt that some of the greatest non-russian aces were from that nationality (please do some research and amaze yourselves).

    This was due mostly to the need of those airmen to leave their homeland, with great loss, to avoid Franco's political cleanses. But on the other hand, it was due also their strong will to keep fighting for the freedom and democracy of the world.

    So we have the paradox that Spanish pilots (and troopers) of both sides were still fighting against eachother after the Spanish Civil War ended.

    Don José Maria Bravo, Hero fo the Soviet Union among other distinctives, come to his beloved Spain not long ago, after a long and distinguished career in the Soviet Aviation.

    I think is right to recognize the participation of those braves, at least including Spanish units (asked on this forums several times) in the iL-2 series of simulations, although what they really deserve is a fully dedicated and monographic release....

    .... OLEG LISTENING? You talked about BoB, Africa and (?????) HERE IS YOUR CHANCE FOR A GOOD "AND".
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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by GADGET_101ECV:
    ............... But on the other hand, it was due also their strong will to keep fighting for the freedom and democracy of the world......


    on the soviet side ?
    ok, the time is long ago .

    pls dont missunderstand me, i have to say always to say a big 'SALUTE' to the people who fought the facsists !
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