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    I use Airborne Gunners on ground as AAA because AI AAA have bad accuracy when trying to shoot down vulchers. Human Airborne Gunners on ground are more deadly than AI AAA below 1,000 meters. If I had a playable AAA then I would do a better job than AI AAA to shoot down vulchers. It would be difficult to argue that a AAA is too accurate if it's operated by a human. Give me a gun sight on 40 mm Bofors & I'll knock out enemy aircraft 3 km away before they can reach my Airbase to vulch. I'm a vulcher myself, I'm an extreme vulcher but that doesn't mean I want to get vulched just because I vulch. I vulch & will try to avoid getting vulched.
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    You can actually do this on WW2:OL with various AAA guns, including the Bofors.
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    What is WW2:OL?
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    It's easy to splat a plane at a few km's distance using flak, in Battlefield 1942 as well.
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    Flak guns have a maximum rate of fire at 20 rounds/minute. That is 1 round for every 3 seconds. How can it be easy to shoot down a enemy aircraft at a few km with flak?
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    BF42 not exactly what I'd call a sim anyway...

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Oleg say something about human-operated flak in BoB?

    Might have just been a rumor or something I read, but it sounds like loads of fun. I â™Â¥ TB-3 flakmachine.
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    A drivable AAA would be very good & I would use only AAA to defend all ground targets. I think the most effective way to defend ground targets is to have AAA operated by humans. Operating AAA is the same concept as Airborne Gunnery & it's better because of much more firepower. With drivable AAA then there is no need for AI AAA because human AAA is far more accurate & removing AI AAA would reduce lag problems on servers. Imagine how effective it is to stop all vulchers if every player on an Airbase spawns in a drivable AAA instead of making desperate attempts to take off in Fighters & get vulched constantly. It gives me an idea to drive a AAA, park it under a furball & start blasting away against enemy Fighters doing low speed turning. That would for sure bring some excitement into the furball.

    Drivable AAA is needed very much because it can do so much more than what AI AAA can do. Stop all vulchers, defend all ground targets, friendly Fighters that are damaged & have no wingmen can fly in circles around friendly human AAA to shake loose the enemy Fighters.
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    Very few ground-based guns would easily simulated (or virtually operated) without resorting to arcade-like shortcuts. The .50 calibre machine guns maybe, but all the rest are a lot more cumbersome and involve a crew. Even if you're gonna let the loader do his job as an AI, there are still a few controls that would need binding to keys - traverse wheel, elevation wheel, firing mechanism - and a lot more calculations to do. Ready-use ammo limitations...fusing...an observer to warn of incoming (cos the gun-layer has his eye welded to a tube-sight). It's a lot more complex than just waggling a joystick and pressing a tit.

    If the AI gunners can't defend a field adequately then the answer is more guns needed!
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    Using a mouse to rotate Gunner positions on AAA can't be more difficult than using a mouse to rotate Gunner positions on aircraft.
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    Using a mouse to rotate Gunner positions on AAA can't be more difficult than using a mouse to rotate Gunner positions on aircraft.
    I think the point I'm trying to make is that a tail-gunner wouldn't last very long without a pilot in the front seat.....and AA guns likewise have a composite crew, except perhaps the free-standing 0.50's and the lighter pom-pom guns (though actually they did have loaders).

    Just being able to fire a Bofors or an Oerlikon, let alone an 88, using a mouse seems like a sacrifice of the standard of virtual realism that FB, etc, etc, has always strived for. Maybe left-click for elevation, right-click for traverse, and scroll-click for trigger might be a bit nearer to it, whaddya think? Just being able to track a plane using the cursor seems very close to arcade-style for me.
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