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    hey all, new to pf, can i fly in the b29 and the b17? all i seem to be able to play is the b25 and A20. if not, is there a few i can swap the files around or something to make me fly the skin? cheers


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    i see, thanks tho

    is there away i can swap the skins around so i can just appeatr to play it?
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    Skins are paintschemes for specific a/c, and only affect appearance. A/C models are their own entities. Some servers allow you to fly AI only a/c from external perspective only. If you find one like that, spawn in a flyable a/c, and start the engine. Then Refly and pick your AI a/c. You can now fly it externally. I know RCAF_FB has several AI a/c in their map rotation. B-29 is fast.
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