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    I have 4 diff campaigns on the go (depending on my mood of the day...hehe). I created a 5th....and then the tags for friendly & enemy disappeared from all the campaigns.
    Any ideas? The campaigns are set to "easy".
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    horseback's Avatar Senior Member
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    You must have cycled your Icons button or key to OFF. Since that command is User defined, you'll have to go to your Controls menu inside the game and either assign a keyboard key or joystick button to it, or find out what you set it for and make use of it.

    As I recall, you get four different setings for icons: Full (Range, ID, a/c type), ID (Range, ID), Range Only, and None/Off. Once you have the key or button assigned, you can cycle through these to your heart's content.


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    Never thought of that, man. I'll try that out. I sure appreciate the reply.
    I'll let you know how it comes out.
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    Yup, it was the icon key. Damn, I feel rather embarrased. *hehe* I've recently remapped the keys & hit the wrong one apparently.
    Thanks, horseback. I appreciate the help, dude.
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    i think actually theres a bug which makes tags dissappear when planes are too low
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    That could be. I've seen that happen before. However, my issue was that there were no tags at all. I've since found the reason & the tagsa are back.
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