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    I was stunned by this pic from the B29 bomber thread. I realize its just an overlay from his 3d modeling program. I hope the BoB engine can handle terrain modeling like this.

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    Yes please

    I remember flying through the highlands of PNG recently and this is what you are looking at as far as slopes go.

    The one thing that has always got me with flight sims is the lack of steep terrain. Is there a reason for this? Because I can assure you that it is an experience following steep valleys in an aircraft (especially when the cloud starts coming in and you cannot get over the top)
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    I really hope that Oleg will take advantage of the very accurate terrain mesh available for the UK. M$FS gets dead accurate coastlines and hills and valleys, let BoB have it too!
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    MS sf2004 uses modern terrain not WW2 terrain right?

    Remember the Volga

    Exact terrain bad idea because BoB is just a start of new WW2 line of flight sims all over the world and its doubtful there are accurate terrain messhes of WW2 era theatres like China or Poland. Best keeps the maps fairly simple, for one thing a new WW2 wide series of flight sims really needs 1000km x 1000km maps.
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    Some CFS2 terrain addons have this problem. Have a great mesh of the Hawaian Islands, but boy have the Honolulu 'Burbs' grown!

    Mostly not a problem. A couple of months go had a trip out of Sydney and got a nice view of the Owen Stanleys! Even from 40,000' (we were light) they are impressive!

    MS currently has the most accurate terrain out there. I have done (in FS9) some glacier landings on Mt McKinley, in spots where I actually landed on skis years ago, and it is pretty spot on.

    For a small team Oleg and the boys have done a fine job with what they do. Thanks for the fine ships! It's not perfect, in many ways, but a step ahead in an ever improving product.
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    An insurance company commissioned a radar survey of the land height of the whole of the UK, to assess flood damage liability. I don't think the geography of England has changed that much in 60 years!

    And if we could get a very high quality terrain of Britain, it would be very worthwhile even if we can't get the same level of detail in France. BoB stands for Battle of Britain, most of which was fought over Britain...

    The main consideration is how much it costs to license the data.
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    First, that terrain looks like it was probably rendered in Bryce, or some other ray tracing renderer. Ray tracing produces spectacular results, but is not suitable for realtime rendering. A ray traced scene can take minutes or even hours depending on resolution, AA, and other factors per frame. In realtime, it is best to render at 30 hz or better. Would be nice if we could have that though. Maybe in 10 years.

    The reason for the lack of steep slopes in sims is the source data which the terrain is created from. The data contains elevation posts in an evenly spaced grid. These posts are commonly spaced at 10 meters or 30 meters. Near vertical slopes are lost as a result. Perfect canyons and cliffs often require manual editing of the mesh.
    Also, steep slopes complicate the texturing. The easiest way to lay down a detailed terrain texture is a top planar projection. A steep slope texured this way will have badly stretched textures. Again, this means more manual editing.
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    aonyn mentioned Bryce which I use at work. Here is a good example of what he means.

    The following render is based off a DEM file of a small pacific island near my country.

    As you can see, the DEM file shows a rather flat area, which is quite strange because the actual island has much steeper hills than this. But since the area is small, and the DEM file only had around 120 meters per pixel resolution, then the resulting mesh has "smoother" features than expected.

    When tweaked however, here is the resulting mesh

    I tweaked height and some detailing using some of the tools and, voila, the ideal Pacific volcanic island, which looks more like the real thing.

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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by LEXX_Luthor:
    Exact terrain bad idea because BoB is just a start of new WW2 line of flight sims all over the world and its doubtful there are accurate terrain messhes of WW2 era theatres like China or Poland. Best keeps the maps fairly simple, for one thing a new WW2 wide series of flight sims really needs 1000km x 1000km maps. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    OK... so since we can't have it 100% accurate we should "keep it simple". Yeah, make it flat as a pancake so we'll know it is off, rather than have the correct landscape even though the hills may occasionally be in the wrong places?

    Yeah, great idea.

    Next, I will make a replica of Rossi's winning MotoGP bike. As I don't know the exact paintwork, I will base the replica on a VW Golf...

    The first priority should be to make it convincing. Second priority to get it dead accurate.
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    I want the landscape in BoB to be accurate...I live in Sussex so it happened right over where I live, I wanna bomb my secondary school, dive bomb up the piers in Brighton, crash land my plane at Cuckmere Haven and have a picknick on the beach, level the Royal Pavilion to stop all the tourist 60 years later then do a tour of the sussex pubs in my Tiger Moth cause theres some real nice ones that do a great sunday roast

    effte, The landscape in the south of the UK is incredibly well documented so it shouldn't be a problem and its certainly not flat, its lots of rolling hills, river valleys, small wooded areas, farm land and small villages with some big towns and cities near the coast. Nothings changed here in the last 60 years apart from the growth of Brighton and Hove and a few new buildings. Even the old WW2 airfields are dotted around the landscape, as are the old pillboxes. Newhaven fort is a museum now but its all still there.

    I took a flight out my local airport in FS2004 and its nothing like Sussex, the landscape sucks big time. They got the shape of the coast right and thats about it.
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