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    ok this getting kicked for ping because of the dail-up has got to stop. Anyone playing on Satalite? If so, how is it working? What changes need to be done? Do you get ping spikes? my ping is not bad it sits at about 200-300 on dail-up but every now and then i get a ping spike. and poof i'm kicked out. would like to fly in war clouds and other ping watched servers
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    Everything I've ever read or been told about satellite internet service is bad as far as gaming goes. You may be able to download at a good speed but the lag time is terrible, even worse than dialup by a substantial margin.

    I was stuck with no option but dial up for years, I even gave up playing this game for a couple years because I was sick up getting kicked and all that. Because I had DirecTV I looked into their satellite internet service. When I asked them directly they admitted that it would be no good for the types of games I was interested in playing.
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    Annoying though it may be, it would be even worse if the ping-kicks were removd, and rampant bandwidth cheating ensued.

    Unfortnately some people are not above warping themselves out of trouble, and they ruin it for the rest of us.
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    Satellite has guaranteed worse ping than good dial-up, even though the data transfer rates are high. A geosynchronous satellite involves server data intended for your computer going on a 60,000km round trip to the satellite back to get to your machine. Even at the speed of light that takes time.
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    Check out this thread. I followed the recommendations and my dial-up connection improved considerably.


    Your ping isn't nearly as important as packet loss. In a nutshell, your modem is constantly trying to renegotiate a better connection and this causes high ping and packet loss. You want to force your modem into a stable connection. I connect at 28.8 and have very few problems unless there are a lot of players (it helps to be one of the first on the server).
    I've found that between 12 and 15 players is about the max my connection will support.

    There is satellite service available that doesn't require the use of a phone line for uploading but besides being expensive the lag is enormous. Satellite is really not an option for gamers.

    Hope this helps! S!
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    The do have full duplex sattelite systems that do not use a phone line. They are expensive and like all other sattellite systems, are terrible for games.

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