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    Please could you unban- Noni

    I did a mistake bombing run on friendly tanks!

    Sorry i dont know where else to post this!

    Thank you!
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    Please go to BF site. Then you have to join the forum (link on top of page), enter the IL2 Board and ask for the ban to be lifted. You will be treated with courtesy and if your story is correct the ban will be lifted.

    Good luck

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    Greetings Noni 15.

    I think you want to post it to these good folks:

    FYI, I've also posted your note over there with a link to this one.

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    Xiolablu3's Avatar Senior Member
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    Hey thats my trick! (bombing friendly tanks)

    YOu have to pay me copyright $20

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    Like he said
    Go to http://www.battle-fields.com forums and well see what we can do.
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