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    I have downlaoded two missions unzipped them in Coop PF file, but how do I find them in the game?

    I have tried in mission builder then load then play, but I don't get an aircraft I just sit on the water
    Can anyone help please?
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    A couple of thoughts.

    Make sure they are not still sitting in folders. Sometimes I find I have to click the folder open and then copy and paste the missions files back.

    If you open them in Mission Builder you will not get a plane. You have to open them in multiplay, create server, then find out where they are from there.

    And finally welcome to the Forum.
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    Are they Co-Ops or dogfights?
    Are you accessing the right folder?
    (I know these may be simplistic questions but you would be surprised at the number of times they produced an answer. I should know )

    If co-ops, in the FMB, after clicking 'Play', push Shift+F2 to put you in a "friendly" aircraft. Ctrl+F2 puts you in an enemy a/c or at a static camera.

    If you can't access them from the Multiplay look in the .properties file for the "Short" description. Sometimes the .mis/.properties file name is different from the name that appears in the selection menu.
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    Thanks chaps
    Both messages help me greatly
    I anm now flying OK getting, my backside shot off
    Sorry for being such a greenhorn
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    No problem. We were all noobs at one time. I'm less of one because I asked.
    Keep asking, we are here to help.
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