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    If you are having problems with your account or if you are having technical issues, follow these steps to get the help you are looking for.

    Go the the Ubisoft Support page then follow these steps.

    Click continue and you are on your way!

    To add to your ticket or check for a response, follow the above steps, but click on "My Question History" from the tabs at the top instead of "Ask a Question" and you can see the questions you have asked, add to them, or see the responses you have received.

    UPDATE: You can now submit a ticket directly through the website! Just click on Help and Contact from imaginetown.com for the same form that goes to the same people!
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    Thanks, UbiSusie! This helped a bunch!
    ~Charlotte Melody
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    Thanks UbiSusie, this is a GREAT post! This is going to be the best way to get technical issues addressed!
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    ya i used that one before for a problem and my problem got fixed with in an hour
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    hey girlyangel1116 do you know a Abbey Lovely styles or April chic paris in imagine town?
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    It won't let me create an avatar and I've tried a billion times!!! (I have done what I was told!)
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    Me too! But now when you make your account you do your avatar first and you don't get to make your account! (Using friend's account right now! This isn't Kiwi!)
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    Thanks UbiSusie!!
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    thx UbiSusie and UbiJanine UbiSusie told most of it but UbiJanine edited it and explained how 2 add an addition 2 ur question thx u guys!!! MODS ROCK!!!!!!
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    i hope mod. can fix it
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