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    I want to know if they are going fix multiplayer connectivity issues. It still takes forever for me to get into a match. I have tried everything from the connection issues thread. I have already also contacted Ubisoft support who keep trying to refer me to that same ******* post, even though i tell them i already tried it.

    The only thing i haven't tried is port forwarding. I live in a college dorm and the college has control over that(hardware firewall). They will not open ports for security reasons, and i do not blame them. All other multiplayer games(bc2, cod, portal 2, even Crysis 2, etc.) that I have work just fine without forwarding ports.

    I have already tried disabling the windows firewall and AVG. I cannot forward ports. I tried deleting the host file as well.
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    well i finally got a decent. "Your screwed" responses, i'm not to happy about it but im satisfied that they finally had an answer. I just know next time not to buy an Ubisoft game, if its not DRM, its this. So to those of you with this same issue, better luck next time.
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