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    Now I know! It was because one man jumping around various gun turrets in an early B17 test bombing mission shot down all of their Bf109s .
    It must be true, I just did it in Call of Duty United Offensive .
    If it wasn't so lame, my sides would be splitting. Now I'm aware that CoD doesn't pretend to be a simulator, just a game but hey, something in the realms of actual possibility would be nice.
    It did however make me think that a flyable B17 would be nice...which is my attempt to avoid justified exclamations of .
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    Because there is no perfect defence, and an imperfect defence can always be overwhelmed.
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    Planes cant win a war the groundpounder wins a war and the germans were being pounded from every dirction and in the end they were not defending just trying to live thru it
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    Its because Chuck Yeager Flash Gordon and Jimmy Doolittle were teamed forces and were shooting down like 50 planes per mission. The Kaiser's planes weren't fast enough to catch them in their Mustangs.

    Mercifully it was over quick!
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    Have you ever played H&D 2?
    In a mission about 20 *wing cannon armed* JG27 109's attack a lone escaping Ju-88 in the desert canyons, and they don't just fail in their mission to destroy the defecting Ju, but get shot down.

    Gunners won the war yay \o/
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    Because we had John Wayne and Gregory Peck and all the Germans had were a bunch of British actors with bad accents pretending to be Germans.

    If they were lucky sometimes the Germans would get some lanky dispeptic looking guy with a scar on his cheek to scream "Schweinhund!" a lot to fly their planes, but usually he died in the end just to show how good The Duke was at the stick.
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    I watched a friend play that CoD mission, thought it was pretty cool myself. Watching B-17s get blown apart and crew members falling out. Or his ability to move through the plane from tailgunner to the cockpit manually opening bombay doors when they jammed, cutting the fuel to burning engines. Other than his ability to shoot down around 60 109s in 10 to 15 minutes , I found it kind of exciting, he said he thought I would being a "WWII flight sim buff", chuckle .
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    Don't forget Tom Cruise!
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    Hitler is still loathed and despised today because WW II happened only a Generation ago.
    There are many blood thirsty tyrants down through history.
    500 years from now he will still be known as a blood thirsty Tyrant and a butcher, like Vlad the Impaler etc, however he will also be known as the last of the great adventurers, and is already being refered too as such in some historical circles.
    He will be known thus because he was the very last World leader who was able to wage conventional warfare on such a Scale with out destroying our planet along the way.

    The rise and the Fall of the Third Riech, was the rise and fall of an empire over a shorter time scale than is normaly seen over Earths history.
    All the ingedients where there, the stunning early successes, that led to over confidence and an expanded war that was never originaly planned for.
    That was their down fall, The Luftwaffe was equiped to win a war on the continent quickly and efficently with out the conflict degenerating into the trench warfare of WW 1.

    Blitzkreig was a stunning success, the War in Europe was as good as over in the early 1940s, and America was still not involved.

    It does not take much to change History however and over confidence in those early successes was their down fall.
    The Luftwaffe was never designed or equiped as a strategic bombing arm.

    It is always easy to be wise as we have the benefit of Hindsight, you have to remember back then everybody involved in the war was making history.
    The strategic air campaign against Germany was as new an idea as was the Blitzkreig concept of war fare back then.
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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by CivilDog:
    Because we had John Wayne and Gregory Peck and all the Germans had were a bunch of British actors with bad accents pretending to be Germans.

    And don't forget Michael Caine and Christopher Plummer!
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