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    Aside from combat, which aircraft do you fly simply for the joy of flying it?

    I was flying a 109F4 the other night and had forgotten how beautiful it is to fly, she climbs like an angel and loops like a rollercoaster with barely any effort. I forgot all about fighting anyone and just cruised around doing lazy aerobatics. There is just something about that aircraft that makes it feel so right when it's flying. Apparently it was the favourite of many luft pilots and I can see why .

    The SBD is another favourite, beautiful aircraft to fly, but in combat I tend to be too busy cursing it's slow cruising speed as I try to egress with fighters tailing me or frantically looking out for rouge enemies on ingress. Sometimes it's nice to just slide that canopy back go for a nice cruise, especially if it's a quiet online server and you can haul a bomb the long way round at angels 20 and suprise some sucker parked on the tarmc, wont even know what hit him. Makes the flight home even more fun.
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    p-11.cAce's Avatar Senior Member
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    EMIL - be sure
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    Hurricane all mks

    Mosquito... ...top banana
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    Adelaide, Australia
    ah the mustang D for me

    Such a sexy plane ,I love startin up high over a river then diving into it and skimming along the water for as long as i can.

    She doesnt handle so great down low but the view and the power keep me comin back to her.
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    slipBall's Avatar Senior Member
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    109 E F G
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    Yak 3 The 109 F is also a joy, but the Oscar is the best! A pure acrcobat.
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    Roomy cockpit.

    I turn up the volume.

    I then work the throttles, so them engines start humming in just the right frequency ...

    Oh, ánd it's a joy to fly...
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    Emil - and MC-205
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    Brain32's Avatar Senior Member
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    Dora - climbs, rolls, runs, accelerates, what else do you need?
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    Haigotron's Avatar Senior Member
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    109 E or F
    He 111 - handles wonderfully for a medium bomber
    P38 and Bf110

    Empty loadout + 50% fuel = joy ride
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