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    I like my horizontal normal and my vertical inverted please. FIX THIS NOW.
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    Hi! I like a lot of ubisoft's games and general attitude to developement, and Beyond Good and Evil is a key part of that.

    So when I downloaded it the instant BG&E became available, I did my best to play it with your unbelievable broken camera inversion options but was headachey and nauseous by the time I found the first save point.

    I'm astonished that no QA was done on something so fundamental as camera!

    Given I'm exactly the kind of person who goes around encouraging people to buy games I think they've never heard of, you make it hard for yourselves to succeed, once again, with this deserving IP by making such a ridiculous blunder with the controls.

    Please make an announcement to gaming media as quickly as you can that this issue will be addressed. I know that Microsoft's awful patch approval process probably means we won't see a fix until Christmas 2012, so the best thing you can do is make your customers aware that the problem has been recognised and will be fixed.

    In the meantime, 800 points has gone from being a bargain to a rip off, as i've now bought a game I can't play.
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    Man! I've been raving at people online about this game for weeks and now can't even play it!

    You've made me feel like an idiot. The guy who did the port should be fired.
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    What I can't figure out is why I haven't been able to find a single review that's been critical of this bizarre oversight.
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    Please fix this Ubi, a once beautiful game has been horribly marred by this oversight and for me at least is now unplayable
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    Don't hold your breath for a patch... I bought this on PC back in 2003. I even posted to this forum along with others in early '04 hoping for a patch which never came. I was going to buy this today on XBLA without thinking about it assuming there wouldn't be a problem, happy that I could finally play the game 7 years later but I'm not going to buy it now :-(

    Here's the thread from 2004:
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    Me too. A ridiculous oversight that's ruining the game for me- I don't remember the original xbox version being like this. Wish i'd got the trial version and not bothered now. Patch please!
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    Please please Ubi fix it, & I'll buy an additional copy.. or two.
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    Too bad, I was going to buy this. Does anyone ever invert the X-axis?
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    Please fix this! Really annoyed as I was looking forward to this - but unplayable until fixed. I would seriously suspect this will affect your sales.
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