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    Thank you for taking the time to read this thread. Allow me to get to the point.

    For Christmas my parents got me PlayStation 3 320GB Move System, and the Assassin's Creed Trilogy.

    Whenever I get a series of something, I like to do them backwards. (Try watching Star Wars backwards (not literally backwards), it's fun.)

    I started playing the third one, mainly because of the multi-player game play.

    Well, if you haven't noticed already, I have posted something similar to this thread, in the Multiplayer Section. Don't worry, they both have two entirely different topics.

    This thread's point is this; Does anyone have any tips, tricks, tools to help me enjoy the game better?

    Reply here with your thoughts, comments, suggestions, etc.

    PSN - Liabyte


    P.S. <-- That means post-script, therefore, an after message. I posted my PSN above, to "gain" some friends. If you do, by chance, add me, with the message make sure include the word Ubisoft.

    Also, don't flame me. I like to have a structured thread, even if I post more than one that "look" similar. I'm very professional when it comes to what I do.
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    Tip 1: Play them in order. Star Wars makes more sense backwards because the films were not released in order. These games have a very deep story line & it pays to follow it in order (won't spoil it for you).

    Tip 2: Give me your massive HD (I have an old 80G system because I wanted Linux - then Sony merc'd that feature).
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    Play the games in order, then you'll enjoy it better. Also, it's not a trilogy; it's AC1, AC2 and AC:Brotherhood, not AC3.
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    Welcome to the forums!

    Your method is a bit silly to me.
    Why would you want to play a series 'backwards' instead of the regular chronological order?
    And AC: Brotherhood is not AC3(Yes there is a main trilogy but Brotherhood is not part of it).

    I would have suggested you to play them in the chronological order so you could better understabd the story and gameplay.

    Anyway, I'll hope you'll enjoy your time with the games!

    And a little tip, don't be turned off by the original AC because of it's repetitiveness.
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    play them in order not just because the story but because if you play acb you won't enjouy combat in ac1 nor ac2 ad if you play ac2/b you won't enjoy ac1(simply the whole gameplay of it)and i would hope you to accept me as a friend in psn(but please make sure you have the english version of acb not any other language because the seemingly prvents you from playing multiplayer between diffrent langugas of the game)
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    Hey Mate

    I got AC:B just recently, never played the first two games.. I thoroughly enjoyed playing AC:B, infact, probably game of the year for me!!

    I finished and went out and bought 1 and 2, so now I have started playing through them in the correct order!!

    my recommendation is to play them in the correct order!!!
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    Hey Blake!

    I am a huge fan of the AC Series and would be happy to share with you Multiplayer tips or single player and hopefuly play some multiplayer in the proces!

    My PSN is Texavonetrix

    Hmm... Lets see...
    Arieal mount onto horse is R1 then press O when you see the mount option...
    There isnt much of a tutorial in AC:B but there are VERY GLITCH VR Tutorials and there is the in game user guide that will tell you every thing you need to know...

    My 2nd tip is to buy the CrossBow ASAP!
    The crossbow is a life saver and will aid you in nearly every stealth based mission!

    3rd. I would recomend completing all of the WAR MACHINE missions ASAP (unlocked in sequence 4)
    You will be rewarded with something that will also aid you in some missions!

    5. If you aren't very confident in yourself during harder missions.
    You will be able to recruit assassins and train them...
    Before you unlock this feture, destroy as many borgia towers as possible as this will increase the amount of assassins you can get...
    When you get the assassins, go to a pigeon coop and send them all on missions. (you can send up to 5 of your assassins on 1 mission)
    When you do this, your assassins will level up!
    They will turn into "killing machines" and come with a special ability called the arrow storm which alows you to kill every guard in sight in a matter of seconds...

    Good Luck!
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    i didn't get ac1 when it first came out but got sucked in by the trailers for ac2 so i pre-ordered it a couple of months before it came out. while i was waiting i picked up ac1 and was glad i did.

    playing them in order you can appreciate, or not depending on how you look at it, the tweaks that were made. and also get pulled into one hell of an interesting story.
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    Take this advice; don't be a muppet (insult/word for someone who does something not up to standard, first used with this meaning by my father) and play them backwards, play them in order. As I've probably said millions of times before; I preordered all the games so far, and hence played them as such. I would have been very confused without playing them in order.

    P.S. The multiplayer is pretty much a test, don't play Brotherhood first mainly because of the multiplayer.
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    so you got a 320 gb move system and three of the best games every created by man? dude you have awesome parents. also yeah like magesupermaster said keep in mind with the first one that the cities are recreated the way they were a thousand years ago and you are a badass assassin. A lot of people thought it was repetitive and missed the whole point so keep that in mind and you should def play in order or it will make no sense at all.
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