Imagine Town is a fun and safe community for everyone to work together and make great friends! There are just a few rules we expect you to follow so that everyone can make the most of the forums.

Posts that violate the rules will be immediately deleted by a moderator and players can be disciplined, so please keep the rules in mind and have fun helping and getting to know your fellow players.

1. Absolutely NO personal information should be posted on the forums or in the game. Personal information includes your real life name, age, location, email, or any other information that can be used to contact or identify you. We want everyone to stay safe!

2. No swearing or offensive language is allowed. What is considered offensive is completely at the discretion of your support team, so just be safe and keep it clean.

3. Be nice! No name-calling or bullying will be tolerated here, everyone is accepted and liked in Imagine Town.

4. The moderator's word is final. Make sure to listen to the moderators, they are available to make the game fun and safe for everyone. And if you are disciplined for breaking a rule in the game, please don't discuss it publicly on the forums. If you have questions about it, you can submit a support ticket.

5. Contests and events are for everyone. Good sportsmanship is expected. You may only win once every 60 days to give other players a chance to win. You are always welcome to participate for rewards, but remember girls of all ages play this game!

6. Keep the forums tidy by checking for an already existing thread before creating a new one. If a thread already exists for your question or topic, you should add to that thread. Moderators will move or remove unnecessary threads in order to keep the forums easy to navigate!

7. HAVE FUN. This forum is here so that you can help each other out and get to know each other. Enjoy it!

You can find the full list of general Ubisoft forum rules HERE.