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    Another irritating annoyance in an otherwise great game.

    This was also in AC II but they carried it across it seems.

    When you choose a piece of either the Brutus armour or the Altair armour it forces you to wear the whole suit of armour; this also now happens in some certain circumstances with standard armour.

    I don't see why they don't let you choose each individual piece of the armour.

    Another annoyance is that when you put on the Altair armour you're forced to wear the clothing too; as cool as it is, I'd like to retain some choice.

    Each individual piece of armour should be individually selectable as well as each individual outfit of clothing being individually selectable, plus, of course, there being the choice of dying the standard capes and clothing as there is now.
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    You can equip armor individually, as long as its not brutus armor or a skin
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