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    Greetings all,

    Here is a new set of DLL`s for your attention.
    Please read carefully, there are two sets of DLL`s and when you report back, make sure you will specify which set of DLL`s you were using.
    Basically, dlls_test1.zip contains DLL`s that should have better performance in water=2 but lesser quality, to the degree of course. And dlls_test2.zip contails set of DLL`s that have better visual quality and possible less performance. Main difference is in the technique with which textures are being rendered.

    Here are the links:



    Would be really nice if both versions will be tested.

    Great thanks to TX squadron for hosting these files.

    Note: This is for those who is willing to participate in BETA ONLY! If you are not sure what to do with this DLL`s, please do not download it and wait unill the patch.

    p.s. Lets keep everything in this thread, as we usually do.

    Link to old thread: http://forums.ubi.com/eve/forums/a/t...3/m/8891044193

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    Better visuals is great and all but do these address the "microstutter" issues? I thought that was the whole reason the new DLL's were being worked on. Thanks.
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    New set introduces even further optimization.
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    how about releasing both parts of DLL`s with the patch and let the users decide ?
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    ATi Bug anyone?
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    I just did a quick test first of all there is no more sttuter . Using Forceware v82.12.
    Strange thing is that I have 7fps more in average with quality set...
    Ship reflections seem OK, but it was a quick test...
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    That one was faster for me, 3fps over #1, 2fps faster than the first released beta dll
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    I tried both DLLs and found a bug with my system. The bug is that in water 2 mode the water is 100% transparent. Here is a screenie to show what I am getting:

    Now as for my system:

    P4 3.0 GHz
    2 GB Ram
    Radeon 9800 Pro (128 MB version)

    In game settings are at highest (perfect) settings, and further settings in the configuration file are set to make sure I am using the Shader 2.0 settings, trees are at level 3 and water at level 2.

    Using the Open GL drivers (latest from ATI) with the resolution at 1024 X 768, 32 bit with stencil buffer. I tried adjusting the card settings including forcing 24 bit z buffer, but to no effect.

    Also note that I am still getting the micro stutters, possibly worse than before.
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    Well I tested both dll_test1 and dll_test2 with Nvidia's 82.12 drivers. Unfortuneately, the micrstutters are still there. If I revert back to 66.93 drivers, the microstutters are gone.

    Here is how you can reproduce microstutters:

    1) water=3 (or 2 or 4 I think)
    2) perfect mode (open gl)
    3) start quick start with smolensk map with any plane
    4) as soon as mission starts, press f2 and view ground from above plane
    5) you will notice a "ticking" effect as the ground goes by beneath you. This is the microstutter.

    This microstutter has been around since drivers after 66.93.

    I really hope this bug can be identified and fixed as I believe this is the single most crucial bug that exists.
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    Hey Ivan... I'm not sure about whether this dll might be the culprit in this or not... but please ask Oleg to make sure that the elusive Track IR frame rate drop bug is fixed in the next patch as promised to Natural Point.


    I'm tired of having to exit the game after 2 hours of play just to get my framerate back to playable levels.

    I believe Oleg was the guy who put TrackIR on the map, so it doesn't make sense to have their flagship game continue to be bugged out by this problem. Iv'e spent over $800 on software and peripherals for the complete Il2 experience. Please give me the patch so that I may vindicate my wallet.

    Much appreciated.
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