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    Dunno if it's my install disc or what, but I still have 15 second lockups since the 1.02 patch as long as I am online. If I unplug the internet, it's smooth as silk. This didn't happen pre-patch and my friend isn't having trouble with his laptop. Both have nvidia cards but mine is an SLI and it doesnt matter if it's off or on. Same problem on my office PC. It's SLI as well. SLI or DISC.....I dunno. I just unplug when I play anymore.
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    okay i've deffinetly got a pattern too the Freeze caused by the 1.02 patch on the PS3 it happens just after you select the planes weapons, and the mission goes to start.

    i also can't under stand how an F18 Hornet can do loop the loops round you when you in an F15E on max burn or for the same reason your co-pilots can just wizz off at such extrondianary speed when you tell them to attack whilst you are left in there dust after having put on the afterburn 10 seconds before the attack order. i mean you are barely muster a speed fast than the presidents jet!
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    Originally posted by GKane:
    Today, Tuesday, May 5th, we will release the second patch (1.02) for HAWX PC.

    The patch will be released at 18.00 GMT+1. Here are the official download links for the standalone versions of the patch(the links will be working starting with the mentioned hour):

    Tom Clancy’s HAWX (retail box):


    Tom Clancy’s HAWX digital version:


    And here is the final list of HAWX PC patch 1.02 changes:

    1.Fixed: crash to desktop if the user tried to join a Ranked Match after playing a LAN Team Deathmatch session.
    2.Fixed: crash when the player applied a profile created on a partition other than the primary one, on Windows Vista.
    3.Fixed: often, selecting Quick Match lead to creating a new server, even though servers with good latency and available slots existed.
    4.Fixed: if the user hosted a Ranked Match and then quit it and tried to join another Ranked Match, he would end up in an unending loading screen.
    5.Fixed: if the user joined a Player Match using the Quick Match option, then quit and tried to join a Ranked Match also by using the Quick Match option, he would end up in an unending “please wait” screen.
    6.Fixed: the player was unable to join any online multiplayer match after cancelling a Quick Match and then changing between Ranked and Player Match.
    7.Fixed: after the host left a multiplayer match, sometimes the users involved in this match would become unable to find each other's matches.
    8.Fixed: Team Deathmatch sessions could sometimes appear in the Coop server list, and viceversa.
    9.Added the option to set the dead-zone for a gamepad or joystick.
    10.Added the option to set the mouse sensitivity.
    11.Fixed: stuttering and visual artifacts on Nvidia cards when using Vista, the DX10 executable and certain settings.
    12.Fixed: the screen went black at game start-up on certain configurations.
    13.Fixed: the game crashed often on laptops using certain ATI video cards.
    14.Added a Ping column in the multiplayer servers list.
    15.Fixed: Saitek X52 Pro crash
    16.Improved the default control mapping for Saitek P990.
    17.Improved the default control mapping for the Thrustmaster Dual Trigger gamepad.
    18.Multiplayer: full servers no longer displayed in the server list.
    19.Fixed: users would not gain a new level in some circumstances when they should have.
    20.Fixed: the game sometimes could not be minimized.
    21.Fixed: the game entered in Windowed Mode if a pop-up from am messaging program appeared.
    22.Fixed: a player could receive two invitations to the same multiplayer match.
    23.Fixed: no error message to players trying to join a full server via an invite.
    24.Fixed: players could not accept invites to multiplayer matches while in certain menus.
    25.Fixed: freeze in the Friend Invite menu after inviting a user with a nickname more than 13 characters long.
    26.Fixed: multiplayer invites did not disappear after being accepted.
    27.Fixed: incorrect name for the host in coop games.
    28.Fixed the hint for Rotate Camera.
    29.Fixed: buttons overlapping in the Coop menu on LAN.
    30.Fixed: double selection in the profile selection screen.
    31.Fixed: crash when using an Xbox 360 controller and quickly pressing A after entering the options menu.
    32.Fixed: starting the game with CAPS LOCK on caused an input issue.
    33.Fixed several Spanish localization issues.
    34.Fixed: not all French characters were recognized.
    35.Fixed: the game window did not maximize correctly when using Vista and the DX10 executable.
    36.Fixed: mission 15 (Operation Thunderbolt) could become impossible to complete when loading from the last checkpoint.
    37.Fixed: if the user pressed the “Host Session” button too quickly after selecting Custom Match, he would end up in an unending “please wait” screen.
    38.Fixed: players sometimes were unable to accept game invites.
    39.Fixed: the game crashed on Windows 7 Beta when the player tried to create a profile.
    40.Performance has been optimized for Pixel Shader 3.0 videocards running DirectX 9.

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    Cant instal!
    Digital patch version tells that i have no game installed and retail tells that i have digital version!
    Why autoupdate doesnt install it?

    Hello! Is this game dead allready! Game crashes with 1.01, 1.02 may help but i cant install it!
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    Originally posted by big_lozbowski:
    Great stuff! Glad that issues are being addressed and worked on.

    Do you have any news on a patch for the PS3?
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    It would be nice to play multiplayer? which does not work for me at all. "session is now closed"

    But there is no point playing multiplayer unless anti cheat is refined as has been mentioned before.

    Also it would be nice to be able to actually aim at things. Give us a joystick sensitivity option! How hard can it be to enable such a simple thing?

    that is all.
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    Can anyone help me?

    I'm desperately trying to find the topic talking about a solution to the Autopatch updater (or is it Update autopatcher, whatever...) which remains stuck on 0% and dosen't download. I found a thread in which some one pisses off the author, telling him to find the right thread, but I can't find it. Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you in advance.

    Edit: Ma game is HAWX 2.
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    Patch 1.02 Hawx 2

    If this patch still working?
    Ive not been able to Play Hawx 2 online for a whiile (Windows 7 Ultimate Hawx2 Reatil box version)
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    i was not able to play this game also, but after update to windows 10 it is working now, but never find no one online, btw my game is in 1.01
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