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    ....seems that scenery is the same outdated landscape as in il2 !!

    do not get me wrong , this simulator is the best for ww2 a/c action, but it seems that water improvements stand out too much over the boring bad implemented cities and small villages !!! they look really cartoonish !!!

    if u compare this to the scenery of lock on ,....it is time that devs need to improve the groundtextures urgently !!!!

    (water,air is gorgeous!!)

    bad first impression from my side !!!
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    Yeh right...

    And in LOMAC you have something like 8 planes flighing together before your simulation turn into a slide show...

    There is always a trade off. IL-2 problems are not in the Graphics field.
    Some briliant design descisions were made in IL-2 in order too let some very big battles to take place. I admire Oleg for that (Altough I don't like his ignorance of some very true community feedback about AI problems in the sim, specialy in the A2A AI behaviore).

    If this "cartonish" landscape is the trade off that should be paid in order to simulate some "close to real" scale air and ground battles, then I take this trade off in both hands.
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