View Poll Results: I'm interested to know what kind of death is typical for you virtual aces online.

I myself tend to

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  • Enemy airplanes/AA shoot me down

    39 75.00%
  • I ram the ground without being damaged before that

    4 7.69%
  • I get vulched by bombs/rockets

    0 0%
  • I get rammed by enemy/friendly airplane

    4 7.69%
  • I ram airplanes/other objects

    5 9.62%
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    Aug 2005
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    Bournemouth, UK
    A very quick one

    Hot Space
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    Oh, in my brief onlince career I've been shot down a lot. Often, though, the pilot who killed me crashes just after he got me. Possibly due to the fact that I go to VERY low altitude to evade.

    Been rammed a few times too.

    My best one so far was low-alt boming an ammo factory. I went "with a bang".

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    Last night, I thought I was doing kinda well on WarClouds_EF (1st time I flew there).

    Having rarely flown the P-40E Field Mod for bombing, I got too low for the elevator authority to get me out. (it ain't no P-51 )

    Having never flown the La-5F before, I ripped off the wings in a dive twice and augured in chasing a 109. (I could hear him laughing at me from his cockpit )

    So that's three deaths that Mr. Ground was involved with.

    Another was trying to finish the last set of ground targets to win the map, but the AAA damaged me to the point where my IL-2 was a sitting duck (no elevator or rudder control) to the protecting fighters, which prompty came in and finished me.

    The last was target fixation when chasing a baddie and his wingman saved him by nailing me with cannons.

    Otherwise, it was a fairly satisfying night. Got 6 trucks, 5 tanks, 3 AAA, 6-7 air kills, and wounded an He-111.

    * _54th_Speeder *
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    Usually plowing into the ground at 900 kph without any wings.
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    AAA is the overriding winner for me...including friendly AAA! If I were to put a value on it, I would say AAA deaths are easily equal to or higher than all the others combined.

    I HATE AAA! (unless of course it's friendly fire helping to wipe off that pesky base-camper while on landing approach.)
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    Some time ago I was recording all the reasons for deaths when flying online to make me see my errors and to avoid the mistakes in the future.

    AAA about sums it up. Hard to avoid if you are a dedicated ground pounder.
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    how about a option for geting gang raped 6 sec's from target by LA-7's
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    Earlier, I very freqeuntly flew into the ground on low-altitude manouvers due to loss spacial orientation, not just when trying to escape, but also when attacking...

    Nowadays, I decided to stay in the air and avoid stall as long as I can. So I die most frequently by enemy aircraft shedding my wing, blowing me up, or messing up the cockpit with my virtual blood

    I am rarely killed by AAA, because I respect AAA and a good barrel roll helps to reduce damage to engine or controls, but not loosing life. When torpedoing, I never fly over the ship...but rather make a hard turn to avoid it.

    The funniest virtual death was when someone came to my 6 at very high speed, I was climbing slowy completely unaware, and when the attacker fired, he blew himself up as well
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    WOLFMondo's Avatar Senior Member
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    Dec 2003
    I tend to only ground pound in the fastest thing available and in a dive, its the fighters on the way out that usually get me and not the AA.
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