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    assassins and the templelars both belive in the same thing (god), but have diffrent ways of viewing how the world should be.... What do you think ?
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    What's the question exactly? The same thing is pretty much stated in AC1 when the leader of the assassin order says he does not disagree with what the tmeplar want, only the means in which they try and achieve it.

    They're both bad and good in a sense. They want the same thing, but their vision of how to effect that is what separates them.
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    Templars want peace but try to achieve it by mind controlling people.

    Assassins want people to have their own free will even if it means having a flawed humanity.
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    this is a big part of the storyline in assassins creed. in the first game altiar is confused because he doesnt see the assassins to be any better as templars because of the fact that they are using force to make thier views right. he also talks about this in the codex pages in ac2.perhaps neither of them are good or bad?
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    Originally posted by NobleBlade305:
    assassins and the templelars both belive in the same thing (god)
    Erm, no. A point is actually made of the fact that neither of these groups believe in a "higher being" of any kind, that includes a God. Also, it's spelt Templar.
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