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    hey i already finished The Forgotten Sands and i was wondering if i press new game will i keep the upgrade points i had left and my skills or do i have to start all over again with exp etc.?
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    If you are playing next gen or wii versions, yes to all but you will still have to wait until genie activates certain environmental powers before you can use them in game.

    Once activated, however, they will be at the same level you ended with in previous game.

    So go ahead & enjoy another playthrough! Now is the time to go for some of those achievements.

    Happy gaming.
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    does that also apply to PC version?
    and if i understand correctly i just keep the upgrade points i had left (i finished the game without buying whirlwind, stone armor or any other skill so i got 24 points left and i dont wanna lose them because i wanna play the whole game again with whirlwind etc.)
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    I don't know about the PC version, but it is my understanding that it is the same as xbox/ps3 version. I know all of my upgrades transferred over to my next game, I don't remember about the points, but a good way to get a lot of points quickly is in the arena, which is unlocked after you finish your first game. So i wouldn't worry about this too much.
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    So, just to confirm, if I wanted to start a new game with all my upgrades (minus the ones the genie grants you) I can?
    I'm playing on the wii (my personal fav itteration of the forgotten sands) and I haven't seen any real option for a new game plus-esque feature.

    Are you sure this is available on the wii as well as console?
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