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    I never really liked lock-on. It was clunky and weird and had ugly controls and didn't look good low down and I didnt like the modern planes.

    One thing I really liked about it though was it's clouds, I really like taking off in the rain and overcast and zooming up through the clouds to emerge on the other side into the beautiful sunshine, with the layer of fluffy cloud beneath. It's one of my favourite bits about flying, and living in Ireland it happens pretty much every time Im in an airplane. (maybe I'm just not used to the sunsine)

    Anyway, I noticed in the development updates page that the patch will contain much better clouds allowing you to create proper overcast skies. I think this sounds amazing, but there isn't a lot of talk about it I can find, anyone else looking forward to this?
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    Definitely interested. I'll get excited AFTER I see them...if it warrants it.

    Not to sound cynical, but I typcally don't get too excited about reported observations until I can substantiate them myself. Whether it's in this game or out.

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    only if they fix the AI infra red sight problem in the game, otherwise i wont ever see a cloud in anything i host.

    i was excited about the mosquito
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    Originally posted by cow9th:
    only if they fix the AI infra red sight problem in the game, otherwise i wont ever see a cloud in anything i host.
    I want that fixed, too. I can't see the AI through clouds, why should they see me?
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    Bunch o wise people here.

    Yep! I`m excited about the clouds, but only if they turn out to be true and just like cow9th said, it`s not going to be much `fun` if the Artificial Intelligence can see through them.

    We wait in anticipation.
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    I am REALLY looking forward to the new clouds! Both out of editing perspective, and from gaming perspective.

    I hope that they will add to the realism of flying. Using clouds in a dogfight is fun
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    IL2 pilots will love them
    and Fw190 pilots will hate them
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    whole new dimension to heavy bomber missions too. At present there isnt much danger of the target being obscured, but with the possibility of true overcast...

    I haven't had enough flying experience in single player to notice much of how ai handles clouds, but in multiplayer (and from a purely aesthetic point of view) a bit of realistic weather would improve the game immensely.

    As some have pointed out, though, maybe I should wait till I install it before I get too excited
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    I'm pretty stoked about the clouds.
    They old ones never bothered me....(and they still don't)...but, it is funny to be at altitude and see 3 cotton balls 5000meters away then a few others dispersed here and there. Just looks wierd. NOT a game killer by any stretch of the imagination.
    It will be interesting to use cloud cover tactics if AI has the same disadvantage as we do.

    jeroenrepk, I didn't think of editing.....(D'oh, that's my life, and I never thought of it!).....but real clouds would make better looking movies.
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    I will be excited if this patch\addon\or whatever come out.
    I really doubt it. Something's wrong, no signs. I think they've abandoned this project.
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