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    Originally Posted by CalvinCahyadi Go to original post
    is there anyway to make the game runs smoothly ?
    That's an old laptop, that processor seems to have been first released in 2006. There's probably nothing much you can do to make it run really smoothly, but if the laptop can take it (and if you can still find parts for a laptop that old) a couple of GB of extra RAM wouldn't hurt.
    It might be more economical to just save up and buy a much newer model or a desktop system though, especially if you'll be wanting to play other, newer games.
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    still cant play these games

    I have reinstalled my games IL2 IL2 forgotten battles, before i buy the new ones. and i now remember why i haven't played them in such a long time.
    after they install i try and launch the game. It flicks up as a black screen then an error code, no setting changes will work nothing i do compatibility changes run as admin i have tried it on both windows 7 windows premium windows ultimate, windows 8 and 10 same issue. fresh load on windows 7 and still wont load.
    please can you help as i want to buy the new ones but if these are not working i don't want to bother.

    after the screen goes black it goes back to windows with a screen error message

    i have installed it out of the windows file directory into its own folder on the c drive, still nothing works

    this is the same for both original and forgotten battles. I cant believe this still is an issue and no one seems to know why?

    yes all my PCs are 64 bit shame there is not a iMac version. bet that would play
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    Drag your Il2 folder to a new location some where. Just make sure it is out of Windows normal folder structure, and give it a go.
    article just released
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